Where we got our AIR

More than 25 years of experience in the agricultural and military environments lies behind our product development. Our military systems are installed in more than 15 000 vehicles worldwide and are known for their durability and reliability. After many request for a smaller and more practical system for the leisure 4×4 market, our tyFlate system was developed. Our inflations systems are purely mechanical, built for rugged and harsh conditions.

With our tyFlate inflation system, complimented by our range of compressors that are tried and tested in the military environment, TI Systems SA offers a one-stop shop for professional tyre inflation and deflation.

tyFlate Inflation / Deflation System

Deflation and Inflation has never been so easy and so fast. The tyFlate system will change your entire perspective of how tyres are inflated and deflated.

12V Air Compressor

Durable, high duty cycle compressors. These heavy portable compressors are rugged enough to be used in the military environment. The large electric motors and compressors ensure effortless inflation and a high duty cycle, avoiding cool down interruptions.

About Us

We are dedicated to providing the best deflation and inflation systems for going Everywhere, AllTheTime.

100% Mechanical


We take the experience from the commercial industries and build that into our systems. We focus in particular on purely mechanical control systems, knowing that our customers take our systems everywhere, anywhere, anytime.