Inflation Test

Inflation Comparison Tests

An inflation comparison test was conducted by an independent party, using different compressors to inflate a 37″ tyre on a Jeep Wrangler from 0.8 Bar to 2.2 Bar. Six different compressors were used and the inflation times are indicated below, with the manufactures capacity rating as indicated on the product as well as an approximate pricing as far as available:


1. Chinese make compressor     Capacity indicated: 160L/min, Cost: R 2000   Inflation time:  4:00 minutes

2. ARB Single cylinder                   Capacity indicated:                  Cost: R 4500    Inflation time:  3:30 minutes

3. Ti Systems Single Cylinder       Capacity indicated: 90L/min  Cost: R 5500    Inflation time:  3:00 minutes

4. ARB Dual /twin compressor    Capacity indicate:  180L/min  Cost: R 8500   Inflation time:  2:25 minutes

5. Fini                                               Capacity:                                    Cost: R 8500  Inflation time: 2:20 minutes

6. Ti Systems Boxer comp.           Capacity: 225 L/min                  Cost: R 9200  Inflation time: 1:40 minutes

Deflation Comparison

Deflation Comparison Test

We conducted a deflation comparison test between three methods of deflating your tyres. A Jeep Wrangler with 37″ Tyres was used. The tyres were deflated from 2.2Bar to 0.8Bar. The three methods were:

1. Stick deflation (i.e. pressing a sharp object into the tyre valve to let the air out)

2. Removing the valve core with a valve key, and using a gauge to interrupt the deflation to see if enough air has been left out, until the 0.8Bar was reached

3. Installing the tyFlate quick valves on the tyres and deflate using the tyFlate Control Unit.

The results were as follows:

1. Stick: 4 times 3:40 mins plus walking around the vehicle to each tyre brings this to almost 15minutes

2. Valve key: 1:10 per tyre, plus walking around the vehicle equals 5 minutes

3. tyFlate: 3 mins, including getting in and out of the vehicle, that is, from stop to go a flat 3 minutes.

Added to that, the “style” which the tyFlate brings to the deflation means no sitting or squatting at the wheels, no blown away valve cores, AND all four tyres are at exactly the same pressure.